XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector with Back-lit Display + WSAudio Wireless Headphone + 9″ Round DD High Frequency Waterproof Coil



  • 21 Frequencies (13 – 59 kHz) – XP MI-6 Waterproof Wireless Pinpointer Compatible (not included)
  • Fast Target Response Speed – 5 Year Warranty – Made in France – USA Service Center
  • Lightest Weight + Rugged
  • Patented Radio Frequency Wireless
  • ORX Includes the Best Loved Features of the Popular XP DEUS


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Searching for Coins, Jewelry and Relics?
The ORX has a very easy to understand menu with 4 factory pre-set programs 2 Coin and 2 Gold Prospecting
–All accessed by the simple press of a button. Two Coin, Jewelry and Relic Modes Pre-Set: –
Coin Fast: For coins jewelry and all types of targets good performance on mineralized or contaminated ground.
-Coin Deep: For coins and all types of targets good performance on low mineralized, uncontaminated ground.
Also Includes two gold nugget modes of 1. Gold and 2. Fine Gold,
plus two free slots for User Defined Customizable Programs.

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